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Moonstriker Labs develops high quality tools and solutions for Unity3D, the leading platform for creating interactive, real-time content



ModularPro is a state-of-the-art socket-based snapping tool that dramatically increases productivity for level design with modular assets. ModularPro brings modular building systems as seen in popular games like Rust to the editor, turbocharging your level design!

Assembling modular assets is tedious and time consuming, especially when resorting to vertex snapping. Unlike other level design tools, ModularPro avoids vertex snapping and instead allows you to quickly and easily define sockets for each of your modular assets, then its powerful module snapping engine takes care of the rest.


Key Features

• Powerful socket based modular placement engine

• Assets will automatically snap to valid locations. Simple 'click and place' system allows you to place repeated copies, each one snapping to the next valid position. Ideal for buildings, fences, tile, vents, railings and any other modular asset!

• Runs in-editor and has zero performance cost during gameplay

• Custom socket configuration editor to minimise asset integration times

• Lightweight and unintrusive - turbocharges level design then gets out of your way

• Easily configure socket types and compatibility rules between them - unlocking intelligent snapping

• Turn any asset into a modular asset

• Supports modular assets that don't conform to a strict grid

• Doesn't rely upon collision checks, so overlapping or difficult to place assets are easily handled​




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